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Author Topic: Clan/Platoon Membership Details (i.e. How can I join TAG?)  (Read 1869 times)

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Clan/Platoon Membership Details (i.e. How can I join TAG?)
« on: October 16, 2011, 04:36:33 pm »
Our clan hierarchy is not complicated. We currently have 3 classes:
  • Staff (Platoon Leaders): Server owners and those responsible for clan administration and upkeep
  • Server Admins: Platoon members who have been trusted with the responsibility of administrating our game server(s) and/or moderating our forum
  • Platoon Members: Those privileged to represent our clan and use our clan tag when gaming
There is no definitive way to become a member of [TAG]. Simply hang out on our TeamSpeak server (ts3.bitgoblin.com) whenever you're online and if we get along with you, we'll invite you to join. You may not be a member of the clan/platoon if you do not participate on TeamSpeak.

Clan membership is a privilege, not a right. It may be revoked at any time, and for any reason, particularly if you break our server rules.

If you'd like to become a server admin at some point, simply spend time on TeamSpeak whenever you're playing on our server. Once you've been around long enough for us to determine that we can trust you, we may give you the promotion. You can not earn server admin status simply by making a donation, but we will be taking donations into consideration when deciding who to promote.
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